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Without a doubt it’s been a busy winter, even without freak snow storms across the country slowing down some of our deliveries to you all! As spring slowly but steadily arrives, so too do some new flavors and varietals at Go Raw Honey. This week, we’ve been able to get five new honey…(Read More)

Fall Camping With Honey Sticks

I know for some parts of the US the thought of Fall is a distant memory buried in ever-increasing snow drifts. A few weeks back I had a chance to sneak in some Fall camping with the kids, and by unanimous kid consent our honey sticks are coming with us on every future camping…(Read More)

To Our Dear Customers: We hope you and your families are doing well in these difficult and unpredictable times. We know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s on ours too! We wanted to answer a few questions that customers may have concerning the coronavirus pandemic, the nation…(Read More)

flavored honey sticks

Just in time for the holidays, we now have a limited number of flavored clover honey sticks ready for immediate sale! These are our pure clover honey sticks with an infusion of fruit flavor. Try blackberry, watermelon, peach or lemon and let us know what you think! We are hoping to add more flavors soon…(Read More)

Giving back was always one of our goals when we founded Go Raw Honey last year. We committed to giving at least 15% of profits – and hopefully even more – back to charitable causes around the world. Thanks to you, our awesome customers, this last quarter we made enough of a profit to start…(Read More)

sustainable beekeeping

It sounds good to say. Sustainable beekeeping. But beyond the buzzwords, what does it mean to be committed to this holistically as a company? We don’t want to just jump on another bandwagon that “sounds good” but means little. Yes, we are officially part of the Sustainable Food Trade Association and Texas Beekeepers Association…(Read More)

raw honey gift cards

Get Go Raw Honey Gift Cards


Go Raw Honey Gift Cards Are Here! Want to share the gift of pure, raw, natural honey with the people you love most? Got friends who love honey but just not sure whether they’d like a 3 pound jar or 100 individually-sealed honey sticks instead? We’ve got you covered with Go Raw…(Read More)