Order Returns & Refunds

Refund Policy Terms & Conditions

First off, we are very sorry you didn’t totally enjoy your honey!

We want to do better next time, and will give you a full refund on any honey you weren’t satisfied with based on our returns policy below:

  • Returns can be completed within 30 days of when you receive your items if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

  • If your honey needs to be returned due to it being broken or damaged in transit, there is no need to return the honey to us. Please provide picture proof of the damaged and destroyed honey, and a replacement or refund will be issued to you for that same honey product.

  • If your return is due to dissatisfaction with your honey, we require that at least 70% of the honey remain in the jar for a return to be accepted – if you enjoyed it enough to eat more than 30% of the honey we won’t really believe that you didn’t like it!

  • We will issue a full refund of the product costs for any truly damaged/destroyed item. For items returned intact, a refund will be issued when we receive it at our shipping center, minus the return shipping costs.

  • We can issue a discounted return shipping rate label for you via USPS and email the label to you, with the amount deducted from the overall return costs.

  • We will not refund an order due to claimed non-delivery by USPS if we have records from the USPS tracking number that the honey was delivered successfully to your address. We can not be responsible for purported package theft at your address post-delivery by USPS, and you will have to address that issue with your local USPS office and delivery person.

  • To initiate a return request please contact us directly on our website: Support Form

Please do let us know the exact reason for the return as well so we can improve our product and work with our suppliers to correct any future honey problems. Thanks so much!