Wildflower Raw Honey Is BACK! But Only For a Limited Time, So Don’t Wait!

We’re happy to let you all know that the Wildflower varietal is back in stock, just in time for Thanksgiving! However, the apiary we partner with for this varietal reported a lower than expected harvest, so our supplies are very limited.

If you want to try some of this deep, rich, full-throated raw honey varietal, now’s your chance to order either the 1 gallon (12lb) Wildflower pail or our classic 3lb glass quart Wildflower honey jar.

We don’t know how big demand will be for these, hopefully we have enough to last to the end of the year, but we may not make it to Thanksgiving before supplies run out if we get a lot of orders. If you’re thinking about trying some of this unique varietal, go ahead and order some today!

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