How Can You Save With Our Discount Raw Honey Bundles?

discount raw honey bundlesSome people just like one jar of raw unfiltered honey, and that’s enough. They’d never see a need for discount raw honey bundles.

But then there are the raw honey lovers who want to fill the cupboards with it, or buy enough to share with friends.

They don’t buy honey by the jar but by the shipping crate.

They are always hunting for the best raw hone deals to get the maximum amount of honey for their dollar.

If that’s you, we’ve got some discount raw honey bundles that can help you save big.

Our packages are not only reduced in price, but also include FREE shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

We prepare our honey bundles each season to reflect what we have the most of, and what we can reasonably bundle together for the maximum savings.

You can find savings on honey deals for buying two or more bulk raw honey gallon tubs.

You can save on gift-sized raw honey jars and buy enough to give away for the holidays.

You can find variety honey bundles with jars of all sizes to fill someone’s pantry with honey.

We regularly update our discount raw honey bundles so be sure to check back often for the latest deals and sign up for our deal updates!

What’s In Our Raw Honey?

discount raw honey bundlesNothing except what the bees put there!

This is raw unfiltered honey that retains the pollen you expect from raw honey, and includes natural live enzymes, yeasts and propolis from the bees.

Our jar raw honey is unpasteurized and never heated above 105 degrees to ensure it always stays raw. This preserves live enzymes and yeasts present in the honey.

We never add extra sugar or water to our honey. You get only pure, raw nectar in all our honey products!

All of our honey is sourced from family-owned farms in the USA. When you buy from us, you support family businesses too!

How Long Do These Honey Deals Last?

save on raw honey with our summer dealsWe try to update our raw honey deals for bundled packages every season.

We may have a winter package set, then one in the spring/early summer, then one in summer/fall and then back to the winter.

We may also create special discount honey bundles if we have a surplus of a certain item, or for a special holiday event.

We try to regularly offer discounted honey deals to our customers so you can keep a healthy stock of raw honey without breaking the bank!

Where Do You Ship Raw Honey Bundles?

free shipping on honey dealsWe ship our discount raw honey bundles anywhere in the continental United States. That means any US state except for Alaska and Hawaii. We may begin offering service to those areas once we secure certain logistics guarantees from our suppliers.

All of our honey deals and bundles come with FREE shipping. You only pay the price you see advertised for these bundles (and a small amount of sales tax if you live in Texas where we are physically located).

Can I Use Coupons With Honey Bundles?

Unfortunately not. We regularly offer coupons to customers for full-priced items, but these coupons do not apply to discounted honey bundles.

Why is that? Because we already discounted the honey deals for you. We can’t reduce the price even further than the existing discount on the honey bundles, or we would end up paying YOU to buy our raw honey!

Now, it might be a nice arrangement if we could pay you to buy our honey, but that means we couldn’t support sustainable beekeeping and make sure the family-owned bee keepers we work with continue to get paid.

Where Can I Buy Discount Raw Honey Bundles?

You can buy these raw honey bundles directly from our website with a secure online purchase. Our available honey deals are shown on this page as well as our site product catalog containing the latest honey deals and bundles.