How Can You Save Buying Bulk Raw Honey By The Gallon?

bulk raw honey for saleWe have many customers who are happy with a couple jars of raw honey.

Perhaps a few dozen pure clover honey sticks too, and they’re set for a month or more.

But then we have the serious raw honey lovers.

These are the people who know how to grade raw honey on the amber color scale.

These are the people who understand the different textures and subtle flavors of dozens of different raw honey varietals.

And these are also the people who want to buy our pure raw honey by the gallon!

Raw honey is part of their life, and that means they might need pails and pails of it!

We know serious raw honey lovers are searching for that perfect blend of raw unfiltered honey at just the right cost per ounce.

When you want to put 1 gallon of pure raw honey in your cupboard, it’s got to be cost effective.

We got it.

That’s why we have bulk raw honey pricing on our 1 gallon pails that is only about $0.40/oz and comes along with free shipping too!

This raw honey comes available as a natural pollen honey from clover flowers, and also in a seasonal wildflower honey pail in limited quantities.

It’s hard to find other shops selling bulk raw honey by the gallon priced that low, especially one’s filled only with American-sourced natural pollen honey. Double check the latest pricing on our “Whole Hive” 1 gallon raw honey product listing.

You Can Save Big On Bulk Honey Sticks Too

bulk raw honey sticksSometimes you need a lot of honey but not a huge pail of it.

Sharing awesome honey with your friends from a 1 gallon pail can get a little sticky.

There’s no better way to spread the love of raw honey then with honey sticks, and buying 1,000+ in bulk means you get to share a LOT of honey!

Our pure raw honey sticks are already affordably priced – especially for undiluted, real honey without added sugars.

These delicious honey sticks come from hives producing natural pollen honey from wild clover flower forage.

And these aren’t your average honey straws either.

These come packaged in special BPA-free straws that can also be recycled in most municipality recycling programs.

When you buy our delicious honey sticks in bulk you get them for approximately $0.14 a stick. That includes free shipping too!

We have customers who love these bulk honey sticks for baby showers, table favors at weddings, or in gift bags at birthday parties.

They’re great for around the office too instead of using processed sugar for your team’s coffee break.

Because these are bulk priced, we have some customers who put them on store countertops to resell at a small markup (coffee shop anyone?) or at county fairs and farmer’s markets.

Whatever you want to do with your discounted bulk honey sticks is up to you, but when you need them you can buy them here on our site.

Time To Buy Some American-Made Raw Honey By The Gallon!

So, now you know where to go for buying your raw honey by the gallon.

We have hundreds of customers doing the same thing.  We deliver our delicious honey to them with free shipping included on all raw honey orders. Let us be your online stop for American-produced natural pollen honey by the gallon!

We hope you’ll enjoy the savings on our bulk honey sticks and 1 gallon raw honey pails. We hope to add even more bulk raw honey offerings in the future so be sure to sign up for our e-mail updates so you don’t miss any deals!

We want to help you keep the raw honey flowing. Go Raw Honey will help you save whenever you need to buy pure raw honey by the gallon.