Giving Back: Helping Impoverished Filipino Kids Go To School


Giving back was always one of our goals when we founded Go Raw Honey last year.

We committed to giving at least 15% of profits – and hopefully even more – back to charitable causes around the world.

Thanks to you, our awesome customers, this last quarter we made enough of a profit to start doing just that!

Helping Two Girls In The Philippines

As of last month we are now able to help sponsor two Filipino girls from the slums of Manila, ages 9 and 12.

This monthly sponsorship helps them to be able to attend school and have needed school supplies/books each semester.

The sponsorship also helps with poverty alleviation through aiding their families with food security, free access to an on-staff medical doctor, legal advocacy, and disaster assistance when needed.

This may seem like a small thing.

It’s only two girls amongst tens of thousands trapped in poverty in the Manila slums.

But for these two girls it is no small thing!

It can help change the entire trajectory of their lives.

They will never know the people buying raw honey back in the USA that are helping make it possible for them to get educated and hopefully escape their family’s cycle of poverty.

But we want to make sure that our loyal Go Raw Honey customers at least know about them!

The sponsorships are made possible by on-the-ground coordination through an organization in Manila called Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM). You can view further information on their Education Assistance Program (EAP) here:

Also please note the two children in the post image above are not the same as the one’s being sponsored. That is just an image provided from the CCM organization relating to their child sponsorship program. For the privacy of our two sponsored girls we will not publish their individual pictures publicly.

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