Just in Time For Spring 2021, Five New Honey Stick Flavors!


Without a doubt it’s been a busy winter, even without freak snow storms across the country slowing down some of our deliveries to you all! As spring slowly but steadily arrives, so too do some new flavors and varietals at Go Raw Honey.

This week, we’ve been able to get five new honey stick flavors added to our site catalog for you to try!

There’s something for everyone in these new honey stick flavors. A refreshing cinnamon snap. A sweet and tangy green apple. A smooth and rich vanilla. A crisp and hearty ginger.

These flavors include a totally new honey varietal from wildflowers. This is richer, fuller honey flavor than our typical sweet and light clover variety.

To help you get some of these in your hands to try out, we’re temporarily marking all our new honey stick flavors at a 10% discount until April 15th, 2021! All you have to do is add one of these new flavors to your cart, and you’ll see a discount upon checkout.