COVID-19 Coronavirus & Go Raw Honey

To Our Dear Customers:

We hope you and your families are doing well in these difficult and unpredictable times. We know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s on ours too!

We wanted to answer a few questions that customers may have concerning the coronavirus pandemic, the nation-wide city lockdowns currently happening, and the impact on Go Raw Honey.

We Are Still Able To Deliver Raw Honey Directly To Your Homes

As of this writing, we do not have any supply shortages of raw honey. All of our current items for sale on our website are available. At this time we do not have order limits in place to ration honey products, but if demand spikes we may have to implement that. All customers will be notified if that is the case.

We are still able to send honey directly to your homes via USPS. We do not currently have any shipping delays with USPS. However, as more people stay on home quarantine and use the postal system to deliver all their shopping, there could be similar delays like what we see during Christmas/Black Friday. But as of right now, that does not seem to be the case.

We Are Not Increasing Our Pricing

Because our supply chain and USPS delivery routes remain unchanged, there are currently no plans or need to increase product prices. Beware of people price gouging during this time! You know it is getting bad when some people are selling a bottle of hand sanitizer for $70 on Amazon. It really happened. Unless our operating costs change dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic, we do not plan to increase pricing.

We Are Extending Winter Sales

Even though our 2020 winter sale ends soon, we plan to extend it up to April 30th – and possibly beyond – so the potential cost savings are still available for you, our customers. We are reluctant to start new sales during this time. We do not want people to think we are trying to take advantage of this pandemic just to sell raw honey! But we will continue existing sales that are already active on our website.

Final Note: Raw Honey Does NOT Cure The Coronavirus!

Sadly, this has to be said. Over the years there’ve been wild claims about what the health benefits of raw honey are. We tried to clarify fact from fiction on our website years ago in this article: The Benefits of Raw Honey

If you see someone posting on Facebook or their website that raw honey can help fight the coronavirus, do not believe it. They are making false claims about their product. While raw honey has a well-documented mild antibacterial quality – helpful for wound healing – it can do nothing to help you directly fight a virus.

The cough suppressant qualities of raw honey may have value with related symptoms, but beyond that the best thing raw honey can do for you during this time is what it’s always done for you as a natural sugar substitute. If you plan to keep buying raw honey, do so for the same reason you always did, and not because you are putting your hope in it to somehow help you to fight off the coronavirus!

We’re Here To Help

As always, we are here to help our customers with any further questions or order issues you may have. Please contact us and let us know how we can be of service to you during this time!

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