What’s So Great About Raw Honey Sticks Anyway?

raw honey sticks for kidsWhat’s the big deal about raw honey sticks? Maybe you saw them on a health blog, or someone raving about them on Facebook, or a smiling kid on Instagram enjoying one (like one of my daughters!).

Isn’t it just honey sealed in a plastic straw?

Well, yeah, but that’s not the point.

Raw honey sticks are more than just honey in a straw.

It’s about bringing raw honey into your life in a way that lets you eat it on the go.

It’s about having honey sticks you can share with your friends to make them honey lovers too.

It’s about having just enough raw honey in that stick to sweeten your tea without having to crack open a jar.

It’s about enjoying pure, raw honey to the fullest!

What Kind Of Honey Is In Our Sticks?

pure natural raw honeyOur raw honey sticks come packed with just that – pure, raw, unfiltered, unadulterated, no-sugar-added, all-natural honey.

The honey still has the pollen in it that the bees left there in the hive. We don’t filter that out.

The honey is never pasteurized to make sure it stays as raw and real as possible. This retains the amazing flavor of the honey and other benefits.

In order to fill the honey sticks we do have to lightly heat and slightly filter the honey – something we don’t have to do with larger jar honey – but this amount of filtering is not near that of processed honey and does not remove the pollen content in the honey, keeping it real. The heating is under that of pasteurizing thus making this honey unpasteurized and as close to raw as you will find in honey sticks.

Our sticks are of the clover honey varietal. That means the bees making the honey are getting their nectar from clover flowers primarily and not other sources. It makes for a smooth, sweet and rich honey flavor.

Each honey stick has about 1 tablespoon of raw honey in it.

That’s only 15 calories per stick and about 3.8 grams of naturally-occurring sugar. That’s way better than processed sugar!

Our raw honey comes from family-owned bee farms across the USA. They make sure that you are getting honey straight from the hive with NOTHING added in between unless you pick a honey stick variety with added flavoring.

We use the same raw unfiltered honey in our honey sticks that we use in our 12oz, 24oz, and 3lb raw honey jars and 12lb raw honey tubs.

Does Our Honey Shop Sustain Family Businesses?

Glad you asked!

Well, maybe you didn’t think to ask that, but we wanted you to know anyways.

We exist to help sustain family-owned honey businesses – whether it is the bee keepers harvesting the honey or our own family running this online shop.

You could go get your honey from a mega organic foods store. But do you know where that honey came from? Do you know who you are helping when you buy it?

When you buy our raw honey sticks, you can know exactly who you are helping!

The bee keepers can make a living keeping bees on their family farms. We can make a living connecting great customers like you with hard-working bee keepers. The bees can make a living making great raw honey… well they’d do that anyway, but you get the point!

Go Raw Honey exists to help sustain family-owned business. We also commit to giving back 10% of all our honey shop profits to help charitable causes such as global refugee relief, Texas coast flood relief, children’s education programs and other humanitarian projects.

Try Some Of Our Raw Honey Sticks

Starting to make your mouth water for some raw honey?

Ready to be all-in to the raw honey life and grab some sticks for on the go?

Want to help make a difference by supporting family-owned business?

It’s as easy as buying some of our raw honey sticks today!

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