Black Friday 2021 Raw Honey Deals

We didn’t want to bother you while you were enjoying your turkey yesterday (and hopefully a little raw honey drizzled on fresh croissants too!) with family and friends. But today is Black Friday, and we wanted to let you all know we’ve got one of our biggest discounts EVER on our most popular…(Read More)

Whether you’re getting ready for Trick-or-Treaters, a community Fall Festival or other big event at the end of this month, make sure to add some of our honey sticks to your give-away stash! Our honey sticks are the perfect thing to give out this fall. Single-serving sized honey sticks in…(Read More)

Happy 4th of July to all of our wonderful customers! We hope you are enjoying some good weather and fresh air this summer with your friends and family. We ALSO hope you can enjoy some extra raw honey too! Honey during a summer barbecue can add that missing flavor. Ever drizzled some raw honey on…(Read More)

Well, I admit it’s been summer for a little bit already, but I think you’ll agree these new Summer 2021 raw honey deals were worth the wait! For our customers who just love buying honey by the bucket, we’ve got a $25 off deal for bulk gallon purchases. For our customers who…(Read More)

Did you know that today is World Bee Day? Don’t worry if you didn’t, the holiday wasn’t officially recognized until 2017. It’s a day to recognize the importance of bees! Where would we be without them pollinating our plants? So much depends on this irreplaceable link in the ecosystem. They do…(Read More)

Good morning from the team at Go Raw Honey! While we were busy working on your orders, updating the site for some new summer deals, and adding new varietals to our catalog, we came across this amazing bit of news about honey bees we just had to share. Did you know that they can actually…(Read More)

Without a doubt it’s been a busy winter, even without freak snow storms across the country slowing down some of our deliveries to you all! As spring slowly but steadily arrives, so too do some new flavors and varietals at Go Raw Honey. This week, we’ve been able to get five new honey…(Read More)

I’m sure many people will be happy to say goodbye to 2020, but why not leave the year with a little extra raw honey on hand going into 2021? This is our year-end sale, with all non-sale items 10% off, starting today and going through to New Years. (Dec. 24th – Jan. 1st…(Read More)

I’ve been living through 2020 like the rest of you. I know that this Thanksgiving it might be a lot more challenging to be thankful than years past! However this year has gone for you, I’m hoping you will at least be thankful for the chance to get 20% off any of our…(Read More)