Why Is Raw Unfiltered Honey Better?

raw unfiltered honeyWhy should you buy raw unfiltered honey instead of just going to the grocery store and getting a plastic honey bear squeeze bottle for about half the cost?

Is raw honey really that different?

Is it really worth spending a little more?

Well, we think so, and not just because we happen to be running this honey shop!

What makes raw unfiltered honey better?

It comes straight from the hive as pure nectar with no sugars added.

It is not heated beyond 105-118 degrees thus preserving the honey in a natural state.

This keeps natural yeasts and enzymes alive and active in the honey!

It is not filtered, thus keeping in naturally-occurring pollen from the bees.

It has no preservatives, additives or water to dilute it; this is 100% pure natural honey as it occurs in nature!

It has an amazing, rich, robust flavor unique to each hive location and flower varietal that you simply DO NOT find in processed honey.

It helps support family-owned bee farms (called apiaries) and sustainable American bee keeping.

What’s Special About Our Raw Unfiltered Honey?

pure raw unfiltered honeyGo Raw Honey exists to connect health-conscious honey connoisseurs like you with hard-working family-run bee farms that produce verified 100% raw unfiltered honey.

Our honey is always pure, always raw, and always natural with nothing added (except sometimes flavoring for specialty raw honey sticks we carry, but those are clearly marked).

Our raw honey is always from sustainable, fair-trade-friendly, family-run apiaries.

We don’t want to just run a business but also make a difference in supporting healthy, natural bee keeping that sustains families and rebuilds bee colony populations across the USA!

That’s part of our story at Go Raw Honey.

When you buy our honey, you are helping to make that difference too and supporting real families like our own as well as US bee keepers.

We are also committed to giving back to those in need.

When you buy our raw unfiltered honey, at least 10% of our profits will go back towards global and domestic humanitarian projects.

We’ve helped Houston families rebuild after the devastating floods in 2017. We’ve been involved with clean water projects in Nepal & the Philippines. We help support education programs for Syrian refugee children suffering in the war-torn Middle East.

You can help too by making Go Raw Honey your go-to source for pure, raw unfiltered honey!

So Where Can I Buy Some Raw Honey?

You don’t need to find a store to buy raw unfiltered honey, we ship our honey direct, anywhere in the USA.

You can buy 12oz gift-sized raw honey jars from us.

You can get 24oz or 3lb pantry-sized raw honey jars.

You can even buy 12 pound/1 gallon tubs of bulk raw unfiltered honey and save on overall honey costs.

Thank you for considering Go Raw Honey and we hope you decide to enjoy some raw unfiltered honey with us!

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