Lemon Flavored Honey Sticks



Want to try something tangy and new? Then get some one of our lemon flavored clover honey sticks! This is our all-natural, unpasteurized clover honey with an infusion of lemon essential oil flavoring to make a fresh and tangy flavored single-serving honey stick.

Try some on a warm bagel or buttered toast for a crisp lemon and honey flavor combo. Or just give your kids a fun snack and enjoy one yourself!

Ingredients: Pure Unpasteurized Clover Honey, Essential Oil, Citric Acid

About Our Honey Sticks

All Go Raw Honey products come with FREE shipping included. No surprise mark-up on price when you checkout!

We never add extra sugar to our honey. You get only pure nectar straight from the hive in all our honey products!

Our honey sticks are only lightly filtered (to enable flow into the straws) but still retain the pollen you expect from honey straight from the hive.

Our honey sticks are unpasteurized. However, unlike our jar honey, they are heated slightly beyond 118 degrees for flow, but never to a temperature that would pasteurize the honey.

Because our honey sticks are not pasteurized, the honey can still be considered "raw" according to some definitions of raw honey.

However, to avoid confusion we decided to label them as pure honey sticks, not to be confused with our un-heated raw honey jars.

The plastic used for honey sticks is always BPA free.

All of our honey is sourced from family-owned farms in the USA. When you buy from us, you support families too!

Remember, NEVER give honey to infants under 1 year of age.


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Honey, Essential Oil, Citric Acid

Shipping Information

We ship using the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail rates for most products, although may use First Class or Flat Rate packages when the savings are greater than Priority rates for certain products.

We typically ship honey sticks in quantities of 20-100 via First Class padded envelopes or a small flat rate box when they are bought separately from other honey products. In cases where you buy honey sticks and jar honey together, we bundle them in the same package to save on shipping costs.

From the time you order to when you can expect your packaged honey to arrive, it can typically take 5-7 days or longer depending on your location in the USA or the number of orders our suppliers are handling at that time.

It can take 1-3 days - or up to 5-7 days during peak seasons - to get items in the mail at times. You will always be sent a USPS tracking ID by email (the same email you used for your order) to notify you when the product ships so you can track it's progress yourself. USPS typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive, but sometimes less.


Returns can be completed within 30 days of when you receive your items if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

If your honey needs to be returned due to it being broken or damaged in transit, there is no need to return the honey to us. Please provide picture proof of the damaged and destroyed honey, and a replacement or refund will be issued to you for that same honey product.

If your return is due to dissatisfaction with your honey, we require that at least 70% of the honey remain in the jar for a return to be accepted - if you enjoyed it enough to eat more than 30% of the honey we won't really believe that you didn't like it!

We will issue a full refund of the product costs for any truly damaged/destroyed item. For items returned intact, a refund will be issued when we receive it at our shipping center, minus the return shipping costs.

We can issue a discounted return shipping rate label for you via USPS and email the label to you, with the amount deducted from the overall return costs.

To initiate a return request please contact us directly on our website: Support Form

Product Safety Notice

Pure, raw, unfiltered honey is a safe product to consume in normal circumstances. But there are a few things to know!

  • Never give raw honey or derivative honey products to infants 1 year of age or younger!
  • Never give raw honey to someone with a known food allergy to regular processed honey unless a doctor clears them.
  • Raw honey will naturally crystallize or appear milky - this is normal! - but if you perceive any mold or abnormal discoloration, do not consume the honey.
  • You should store your opened raw honey at cool room temperatures of 50-75 degrees farenheit. While you do not need to refigerate in most cases, some people choose to do so, but if you do that don't use the microwave to heat up your honey or you may LOSE the natural health benefits and flavor of your raw honey!

Here is a more detailed statement from the USDA National Honey Board concerning honey and infants:

Why can't I feed honey to my baby younger than one year of age?

Honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores that can cause infant botulism, a rare but serious disease that affects the nervous system of young babies (under one year old). C. botulinum spores are present throughout the environment and may be found in dust, soil and improperly canned foods. Adults and children over one year of age are routinely exposed to, but not normally affected by, C. botulinum spores. Honey is safe to consume during pregnancy and lactation. While infants are susceptible to the infant botulism, adults, including pregnant females, are not. The concern for babies stems from the fact that infants lack the fully developed gastrointestinal tract of older humans. Since the mother is not in danger of developing this condition, the unborn baby is protected. Spores are inactivated when manufactured food products (such as cereals or nuts) receive a roasting heat treatment. Graham crackers or cereal, for example, would not contain any viable microbial spores.