Fall 2022 Honey Stick Sale – Get 10% Off & Save On New Discount Bundles!


Fall is already upon us, and as winter approaches it’s time for a lot of fun fall events!

We want to help you prepare for your guests, party goers, trick-or-treaters, and whoever else you think you’re going to need to give something to this fall.

There’s no better party favor, door prize or treat to hand out than our pure unpasteurized honey sticks!

From now until midnight, October 31st we are giving you 10% off ALL of our individual flavors of honey sticks in the 20-100 count bags.

The coupon should be automatically applied; if not just use coupon code: FALL22-STICKS-DISCOUNT10

That goes for ANY flavor honey stick. Load up on our classic clover flavored sticks, add ginger flavored sticks to your stock, try out our tangy apple flavored sticks, go with our own fall favorite of blackberry flavored sticks, or just build your own sample pack with our new discount 250 count sampler bundle and save 10$ on those too!

Whether you need honey sticks for this fall or want to plan ahead for winter stocking-stuffers too, now is the time to buy our honey sticks!

Just To Recap, This Is What’s On Sale!