We’ve Got Good News – And Some Not So Good News – For 2022!


We’re almost to the start of a new year, and we’re thankful to enter that new year with you our customers!

We’ve got good news for 2022. We are ready to begin shipping two new varietals! One is a sweet and smooth wildflower honey that really does have a slight purple hue in the light. The other is a rich and tangy orange blossom honey that you’ve got to try to believe. It’s like raw honey with a hint of marmalade, and just downright GOOD! Those bees are amazing foragers, and never disappoint.

However, as we enter into 2022 we’ve got some not so good news. I’m sure you’ve been seeing the headlines like the rest of us about ongoing inflation. We’ve resisted raising our prices for years, including during the tumultuous days of the early 2020 pandemic. However, we too have to pay increased costs for materials like jars, shipping and labor just like every other business in America right now.

Starting on Monday after the New Year, Jan 3rd, 2022, we have to officially raise prices on each of our honey products by between 10-15% indefinitely. We still aim to keep this amazing raw honey at an affordable price, but to ensure we can keep delivering it to you in the years ahead we have to adjust our base pricing for 2022.

Anything you buy between now and midnight Jan 2nd, 2022 will still be at our normal rates, so if you want to stock up before the changes come now’s your chance.

Thanks for staying with us all these years, and we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year as we go into 2022!