Spring 10% Off Deal + Orange Blossom Out Of Stock!


Happy April everybody! We’ve made it to spring, which is cause for rejoicing after a particularly cold and blustery winter. Down here in Texas it’s hitting 90 degrees this week!

Two announcements as we start off April. First, we know inflation is stinging all of us this year. We’ve got to fill up our car at the pump just like you all, and we know times are rough!

So for the next week, we’re giving 10% off all honey jars and sticks in our store (please note that discounts DO NOT apply to discount honey bundles; those are already reduced in price).

COUPON CODE: SpringHoney2022

This coupon code gives you 10% off our all individual items in our store, valid until midnight, April 13th, 2022; this coupon code is NOT valid for any discount honey bundle packages!

A little bit of extra honey in your cupboard may not fix rampant inflation, but it can at least make your day a little happier!

As a bonus, properly stored honey can last a really long time (they found jars of honey buried in King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, still edible after 2,000 years) so if you buy it today your honey will only appreciate in value as inflation keeps going up 🙂

One Other Thing – Orange Blossom Is OUT OF STOCK!

One other thing to add for this spring. I am sorry to report that Orange Blossom is now out of stock. There was a bad orange blossom harvest in California (where this particular varietal is sourced from by a partner apiary) and we won’t have Orange Blossom for a while.

I hope you got to enjoy some while it lasted. It was actually one of my favorite varietals we’ve ever carried! We will let you all know when it is back in stock.