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Lifetime 10% Discount – Grand Opening Exclusive!


What’s The Deal?

This deal gives you a lifetime discount of 10% on orders of $50 or more on ALL HONEY PRODUCTS sold at Go Raw Honey after you complete your first purchase with us. You will get the special discount code in the mail with your order, and can use it once you set up your “hive” i.e. your user account, on our store website. The discount does not work for guest check outs but only logged-in checkouts, which is how we know you are one of our original “Grand Opening” phase customers!

Why Are We Running This Deal?

lifetime raw honey discountWe want to welcome new customers to Go Raw Honey during our initial “Grand Opening” phase and encourage you to keep buying your honey from us! Our welcome to you is giving you a locked-in 10% discount on our products for life! Pretty neat huh? That’s getting in on the ground floor!

When Does This Deal End?

This deal ends after our first 900 customers complete their first purchases and their special life-time discount coupons are shipped out to them. If we decide to extend it beyond that initial “Grand Opening” group we will let you all know, but this discount is for a limited time only right now!

What Products Are Eligible?

pure raw honey productsCurrently the eligible products for this discount are all honey products including jar honey and honey sticks, except special package deals (product bundles) that are already discounted. Your total cart amount must be $50 or more for the discount to take effect.

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What Do You Mean By Life Time?

We define “lifetime” as being for the entirety of Go Raw Honey’s existence as a store AND as the entirety of your account lifetime i.e. as long as you maintain your user account with us without deleting/removing it from the date you opened it, you’ll have your discount. If something happens and you accidentally delete your account, well, let us know and we will work to fix it with you to get your discount back!

Also please note this discount is NOT transferable to anyone else. It only works for people who already completed an initial purchase AND have an active account with us create during our Grand Opening phase. Currently we are limiting the discount to the first 900 customers but may expand it if we decide to.

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