Happy World Bee Day! Get 10% Off Your Order This Week.

Did you know that today is World Bee Day? Don’t worry if you didn’t, the holiday wasn’t officially recognized until 2017.

It’s a day to recognize the importance of bees! Where would we be without them pollinating our plants? So much depends on this irreplaceable link in the ecosystem. They do far more than just produce honey!

It is also the day that Anton Jansa was born in 1734. He is considered the “father” of modern beekeeping and was a pioneer in apiculture. We owe a big thanks to him for developing this field and for much of our knowledge on how to take good care of our bees.

When you enjoy that next honey stick or crack open a quart jar of fresh raw honey, remember all the hard work that went behind it from the bees, and from apiarists like Anton that helped us get our apiculture to where it is today!

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Go ahead and enjoy some real raw honey for World Bee Day 2021!

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