Get 10% Off Our Clover Honey To Celebrate St. Patricks Day!


Today we want to celebrate St. Patricks Day with a 10% off coupon for all of our pure, raw clover honey (and our remaining wildflower stock too) from today until midnight Thursday, March 23rd, 2023.

Here in America, the busy bees producing our favorite raw clover honey are surrounded by the green leaves emblematic of everyone’s favorite Irish holiday. While our US clover is not exactly the same thing as Irish shamrock (see this explainer here on shamrock vs. clover for more details) they’ve still got clover in Ireland too, and that’s close enough for us!

As a fun fact, did you know that Irish shamrocks don’t produce four leaf varieties? Four leaf clover only occurs in the clover plant, not the shamrock. They look similar, but they are a different plant! So if you see banners for St. Patricks day with a four leaf clover on it, know that this is not the same thing as the emblematic Irish shamrock! Don’t believe me? You can see more about it in this article here, or just ask Google!

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