raw honey varietal deals for 2022

Check Out Our 2022 New Honey Varietal Deals!


We wanted to let you know that we now have our two new varietals – wildflower and orange blossom – listed on our site and ready to ship. You don’t want to miss trying out the sweet and tangy orange blossom varietal, or the rich full-bodied wildflower varietal. On top of that, we’re launching some new honey deals exclusively for these varietals so that you can try them out for less!

We also re-launched some of our standard discount bundles for 2022 earlier this week. If you already saw them live on the site and started ordering, great! We didn’t want to bother you all with one more e-mail in your inbox on a Monday morning, so we delayed our announcement until today.

Go ahead and check out our new varietals and discount honey bundles below. Start off 2022 with some amazing new flavors of our all-American raw honey!