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Today we want to celebrate St. Patricks Day with a 10% off coupon for all of our pure, raw clover honey (and our remaining wildflower stock too) from today until midnight Thursday, March 23rd, 2023. Here in America, the busy bees producing our favorite raw clover honey are surrounded by the green leaves emblematic of…(Read More)

It’s been a busy first few weeks of 2023, but we wanted to take a minute to help you to “bee” ready to start off the New Year right with some raw honey. Use the coupon code below to get 10% off our regular raw honey products and even our limited-supply varietals from…(Read More)

As the 4th of July weekend ramps up, we hope you are able to get away and enjoy the summer a bit, although these gas prices might mean many of us aren’t going as far away as usual! To celebrate Independence Day, we’re giving 10% off ALL of our non-sale raw honey…(Read More)