Black Friday Special - Buy Five Baby Bee Get One Free

Buy 5 Baby Bees Get 1 Free – Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special


What’s The Deal?

For our Black Friday/Cyber Monday special you can get 1 free Baby Bee 12oz jar of honey when you buy 5 Baby Bee jars.

When Does This Deal End?

This deal ends on midnight 14 days after Cyber Monday, which is December 11th, 2017.

What Products Are Eligible?

The only product eligible for this deal is the Baby Bee 12oz jar honey.

Why Are We Running This Deal?

Our jars of Baby Bee raw honey make for a great gift. We want to help you get more of them to give to your friends and family this year! We find that the Baby Bee jar is large enough that you get enough honey to enjoy with your coffee, tea, bagel or other favorite honey destination. But it is small enough to easily fit in a gift bag, stocking, under the Christmas tree, or just be handed over in its already-stylish glass jar.

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