Bee Thankful! Get 10% Off Now Until Dec 1st When Our Prices Have To Change…


While we know you’re already inundated with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, you aren’t going to want to miss this chance to stock up on raw honey for the coming winter months!

We’re giving 10% off all non-sale/non-discounted items in our store from now until December 1st and WE’RE DOING IT AT OUR OLD PRICING! You won’t save more on our raw honey, ever again, than you will between now and next Wednesday.


Use this coupon code for 10% off all items not already on sale or part of a discounted honey bundle from now until Wednesday, November 30th, 2022.

What do we mean by old pricing? Well, with the ongoing issues in our country with high gas prices, inflation, etc… shipping/transport costs have gone WAY up and we have to adjust a little to keep offering our flat-rate, all-inclusive “shipping included” pricing across the USA.

This will mostly mean a few dollars more on our smaller glass-jar sizes and bulkier honey sticks, while we expect pricing on gallon pails to adjust only around 2% or less.

Do you know what? WE’RE ALREADY PAYING THOSE HIGHER COSTS! But we didn’t want to just raise prices without warning, and especially not on Thanksgiving Day when we’re reminded how thankful we are for our loyal customers!

So we decided to just post our site-wide sale, with prices as-is, even though we’re barely making pennies on some types of raw honey jars/sticks we’re shipping your way! To us, what matters most is our customers get their raw honey this year at the costs they’re used to, without any unwelcome pricing surprises.

Bee thankful for that! Go check out all our products now and don’t forget to use your coupon code BEETHANKFUL-2022 on checkout: Go Raw Honey Store