Honey Sticks

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the honey sticks! Our kids love them too, they’re a good reward when they do well, and also a good late-afternoon office snack to keep going sometimes as well!

  2. This might be the first time in your life you actually got to taste REAL honey, without sugar or anything else added, which is what gives it that ‘stand apart’ taste IMHO, glad you liked it!

  3. Hi Carol, we are glad you got your raw honey and enjoy the taste! Yes, it does crystallize in this way as it is not whipped or creamed, but we find that even gentle stirring is enough to help it flow again. We do NOT recommend heating the honey in a microwave! In most cases when I grab a jar in our kitchen and find it crystallized I can just stir it gently with a spoon and it regains fluidity. This varietal of clover honey may crystallize in a different way than local varietals you previously purchased – that’s the beauty of raw honey as it is so different with each beehive producing it! – but I can guarantee you it can be made to flow again without damaging it by heating. If stirring it with a spoon does not get it 100% there you can put the closed jar in a warm pot of water to assist or run it under a hot water faucet. Again we would not recommend microwaving as that is not necessary and will damage the taste/quality of the honey.

  4. Hi LaToya hope you are doing well! Each honey stick has one teaspoon, or approximately 5 grams, of honey. You can find more details by clicking on “product info” on each honey stick or honey jar too. Thanks!