sustainable beekeeping

It sounds good to say. Sustainable beekeeping. But beyond the buzzwords, what does it mean to be committed to this holistically as a company? We don’t want to just jump on another bandwagon that “sounds good” but means little. Yes, we are officially part of the Sustainable Food Trade Association and Texas Beekeepers Association…(Read More)

Keep warm this winter with some of our raw honey! To help you make it to the spring we want to offer a single-item discount of 10% on any of our raw honey products. Enjoy pure, raw, unpasteurized, unadulterated, no-sugars-added, all-natural honey straight from the hive to the jar! During checkout…(Read More)

winter honey sale

Winter Honey Sale 2018


Stay warm this winter with raw honey. You can save up to $30 on raw honey with our discount deals AND each deal comes with free shipping too. Spring is still a few months away, get enough raw honey to make it until then…(Read More)

raw honey gift cards

Get Go Raw Honey Gift Cards


Go Raw Honey Gift Cards Are Here! Want to share the gift of pure, raw, natural honey with the people you love most? Got friends who love honey but just not sure whether they’d like a 3 pound jar or 100 individually-sealed honey sticks instead? We’ve got you covered with Go Raw…(Read More)

What Is Raw Honey?


Raw Honey Sounds Great, But What Is It? No, this isn’t the latest health fad, some new paleo diet, or some concoction organic food marketers made up recently to get people buying more honey. Raw honey has been around for, well, as long as bees have been around on this earth! Raw honey is…(Read More)

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Why Is Raw Honey Better For You?

With the rise of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other medical problems due in a large part from processed and refined foods such as white sugar, many people began looking to sugar free “alternatives” to get their sweets without the health problems. Unfortunately, each of these sugar “alternatives” is also processed and some posed even…(Read More)