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NOTICE – THIS VARIETAL IS STILL OUT OF STOCK AS OF FEB 2024; HOPEFULLY MID-SUMMER 2024 WE WILL HAVE MORE; PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON! These bees took a spring vacation to California’s lush orange groves and came back with hives full of sweet and tangy Orange Blossom raw honey varietal. No artificial flavors added…(Read More)

NOTICE: As of May 2nd, 2024 Our Wildflower 3lb jars are CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK but we hope to have more in supply before the end of the month. We’ll post on our site when stock becomes available again! After the winter passes and the fields become full of beautiful yellow, blue and violet…(Read More)

go raw honey - queen bee jar honey

Go big with the Queen Bee and get 3lbs of raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered honey goodness delivered to your doorstep! You will love the rich, fresh flavor that this clover honey varietal provides. Spoon it into your coffee or tea at breakfast. Drizzle it over your toast. Add it to some muffins or cookies as a…(Read More)

go raw honey - honey bee jar honey

Our 24oz jar of pure, raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unadulterated honey is a staple for any breakfast table. Drizzle this smooth, flavorful clover honey on your hot buttered toast. Drip it into your tea or coffee for a natural sweetener. Add it to your oatmeal for an amazing breakfast blend. Or, just eat a spoonful to…(Read More)

go raw honey - baby bee gift sized honey

There is no better gift than raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, natural honey! This gift-sized Baby Bee is the perfect stocking stuffer or birthday bargain for the ones you love. Show them you care with 12oz of our clover honey varietal harvested by family-owned bee farmers…(Read More)